My Google Scholar profile can be found here, the title of each paper below links directly to the PDF (when available).

Data and the City
D McMillan, A Engström, A Lampinen, B Brown
Proc. ACM CHI 2016 (Google Scholar)

Five Provocations for Ethical HCI Research
B Brown, A Weilenmann, D McMillan, A Lampinen
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Pick up and play: understanding tangibility for cloud media
D. McMillan
, B. Brown, A. Sellen, S. Lindley, R. Martens
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From in the wild to in vivo: Video Analysis of Mobile Device Use
D. McMillan, M. McGregor, B. Brown
Proc. MobileHCI 2015 (Google Scholar)

Repurposing Conversation:Experiments with the Continuous Speech Stream
D. McMillan, A. Loriette, B. Brown
Proc. ACM CHI 2015 (Google Scholar)

Searchable Objects: Search in Everyday Conversation
B. Brown, M. McGregor, D. McMillan
Proc. ACM CSCW 2015 (Google Scholar)

Improving consent in large scale mobile HCI through personalised representations of data
A. Morrison, D. McMillan, M. Chalmers
Proc. ACM NordiCHI 2014 (Google Scholar)

100 days of iPhone use: understanding the details of mobile device use
B. Brown, M. McGregor, D. McMillan
Proc. ACM MobileHCI 2014 (Google Scholar)

100 days of iPhone use: mobile recording in the wild
M. McGregor, B. Brown, D. McMillan
Proc. ACM CHI EA 2014 (Google Scholar)

Categorised Ethical Guidelines for Large Scale Mobile HCI
D. McMillan, A. Morrison & M. Chalmers
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A Hybrid Mass Participation Approach to Mobile Software Trials
A. Morrison, D. McMillan, S. Sherwood, S. Reeves & M. Chalmers
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Ethnography for Large Scale User Trials
D. McMillan,
M. Chalmers
Workshop: Research in the Large 3.0 – App Stores, Wide Distribution, and Big Data in MobileHCI Research. MobileHCI, 2012 (Google Scholar)

Ethics, Logs and Videotape: Ethics in Large Scale User Trials and User Generated Content
M. Chalmers, D. McMillan, A. Morrison, H. Cramer, M. Rost & W. Mackay
Workshop summary, published as ACM CHI Extended Abstracts, 2011. (Google Scholar)

Informed consent and users’ attitudes to logging in large scale trials
A. Morrison, O. Brown, D. McMillan & M. Chalmers
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A Comparison of Distribution Channels for Large-Scale Deployments of iOS Applications
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Experiences of mass participation in Ubicomp research
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Mass Participation in Evaluation and Design
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Further into the Wild: Running Worldwide Trials of Mobile Systems
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EyeSpy: supporting navigation through play
M. Bell, S. Reeves, B. Brown, S. Sherwood, D. McMillan, J. Ferguson, M. Chalmers.
Proc. ACM CHI 2009 (Google Scholar)